iPhone camera panning

So a few weeks ago I spotted a BMW Z8 thundering up St James’ Street in London. The problem – my DSLR was nowhere to be found. I’ve seen maybe four Z8s in my life, including this one, so I wanted to get a shot of it. However, since consigning the 5MP awesomeness of my Nokia N95 to my man-drawer, I’ve been carrying around an iPhone in my pocket as the ‘daily driver’.

Let’s be clear – I’m not a big fan of the iPhone camera. What you can do with the pictures you get from the camera is brilliant – I just wish it didn’t appear like quite so much of an afterthought. Like a week before launch there was a conversation at Apple HQ: “OMG, this device defines connectivity / living in the here-and-now in so many ways… oh sh*t! We forgot to put a camera in it!”…

Anyway, it’s a minor point, and one I concede probably isn’t that important when it comes to the whole package. And actually – coming back to my original point – when I did whip out the phone to snap a pic, I managed not only to catch the Z8, but to effectively produce a panning effect with it. Not bad for an iPhone…

BMW Z8 on St James' Street, London

Have you caught a panning shot on an iPhone? I’d love to see some other examples.

What do you think about this?

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