Explosive R/C jumps as high as a house

Nitromethane is explosive. Highly explosive. In fact, it’s even more energetic than Trinitrotoluene (or ‘TNT’ to you and I). It’s used to fuel drag racers. And rockets. It was also used to devastating effect in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Because it can be run so richly, it’s also used to power radio-controlled cars (commonly referred to as ‘Nitro-powered’) like the HoBao Hyper 7 TQ 28 RTR. This model will set you back about £250, which you might think is a lot of money, but then this sort of R/C can take the sort of spanking usually only seen by test cars driven by Troy Queef.

I mean, just look at what it can do when you show it a ramp…! (#want).