An elephant sat on this Toyota Celica

OK, that’s not true. It only looks like an elephant sat on it.

The Toyota Celica in question is the property of Kawashima-san, a drifting wingnut and staffer on Drift Tengoku (Drift Paradise) magazine in Japan.

What you see in the photo is not only real, but it drives, too.

[Doubt it? Just check out the video below…]

In an interview with Alexi Smith – who runs cult drift site – Kawashima explains that the car aims to be the ultimate combination of the three key pillars of Japanese car modifying:

1) onikyan (a serious camber on the wheels)

2) tsuraichi (tyres barely inside the arches – think THAT 240Z on Speedhunters)

3) hippari (tyre stretching aplenty – the must-have look on show VWs about four years ago, but cranked up to 11)

I think it’s fair to say he’s put epic ticks in all three boxes. Whether or not that’s a good thing or not is a matter of opinion.

Is this a camber and a stretch too far? Has Japanese car culture just jumped the shark?

Before you make your mind up, it’s worth having a look at the car in motion. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, those tyres are blown up to about 87psi. Yep. 87psi