Five fantastic car cakes

The more people I meet in the automotive industry, the more I find that loving cars and loving food seem to go together like Porsche and the digits nine and one.

Sweet treats in particular appear to be a staple of the petrolhead, so what better subject for a blog round-up than cakes? Many have tried to make a good car-based cake, and almost all have failed (Google “lamborghini murcielago cake” for some of the worst offenders). However, while most are mediocre, there are of course some stand-out successes from brilliant bakers across the world.

In no particular order, here are my favourite five…

Camaro Z28

CamaroGenerally speaking, the older the car represented by the cake, the worse the likeness.

Fortunately, this cake breaks that mould – a great final shape, coupled with top attention to detail (the colour for one, and the model badges on the wings) makes for one cool cake.

Details on this one are a bit thin on the ground, but I’d imagine with those boxy angles it’s not outside the capabilities of a capable baker to recreate. I’m looking at you @becksdechair and @sarahaudiuk

Jaguar E-Type and race track

Before looking at this cake, you need to recalibrate exactly what the word “baking” means in your personal dictionary. How long would you spend baking a cake? Two hours? Maybe four? How about 60

Yes, this isn’t so much a cake as it is a diorama. OK, so the E-Type proportions aren’t exactly accurate, but I’d imagine they’re far closer than anyone reading this blog could dream of getting. It’s also an enormous 1.2m x 1.5m, which means you could comfortably park a Peel P50 in the middle of it with room to spare.

A great car; a great cake. The catch? It cost $6,000 to make… Watch the feat being undertaken right here.

LSX engine

Car cakes are reasonably easy to find on the internet; engine cakes rather less so. A big hattip to Jalopnik for flagging this one up then – a baked tribute to GM’s LS engine family.

Borne out of a couple’s love for their LSX-powered Fox Body Mustang, the V8 creation was the obvious choice for a wedding cake when they chose to tie the knot.

If only someone would do this with a Bugatti W16…

Aston Martin DBS

This is almost hyper-realistic in places, though the handcrafted finish is evident all over.

Like the E-Type cake, this was created for a 60th birthday celebration.

Bonnet vents and badging are all present and correct, and to top it all, this chocolate mud cake even has separate, painstakingly-detailed wheels.

Skoda Fabia

Of course, no list of the best car cakes would be complete without mentioning Cake, the 60-second spot put together by Fallon for Škoda Auto.

I’d imagine most people have seen the ad, but it’s the numbers that really blow you away: 100kg each of flour and sugar, 180 eggs, 450 cake ‘bricks’ to form the basic shape and enormous crisped rice panels to create the bodywork.

The brake lights? Jelly. The fogs? Meringue. And the engine? Marzipan. The build took four days, and with a reported budget of half a million pounds for the project, there’s a good chance this is the most expensive cake ever made.