Need a Big BEN Rally car? Look no further…

If you’re in the motor trade and haven’t heard, Car Dealer Magazine’s ‘Bangers4BEN‘ rally has been renamed. The Big BEN Rally will incorporate a near-1,300-mile round trip to Barcelona and back, from 13 – 16 October this year.

Interested in hearing more, and maybe even taking part? The fixed cost of the trip is £500 for a team of two, which covers accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals as well as the ferry crossings.

How much you choose to spend on your transport is however entirely up to you. The general idea is to spend up to £500 on something that will get you there and back (though two AA patrols will be accompanying the tour, so repairable breakdowns en route are not disastrous).  That said, since the car is sold at auction afterwards, with proceeds going to BEN, nobody will mind too much if you spend a bit more!

However, assuming that you want to stick firmly to the ‘set’ cost, I’ve dug up 10 excellent candidates below for your consideration. Let’s call it my early contribution as I won’t be able to make the rally myself. Naturally, I make absolutely no promises about the performance or reliability of any of the cars detailed below – though you should feel encouraged that this was narrowed down from a list of about 50, so just imagine the ones that *didn’t* make the cut…

(Prices and availability accurate at time of publishing)

1981 Vauxhall Chevette – 72,000 miles – £450 – see the ad

1987 Mercedes-Benz 190E – unknown miles – £455 – see the ad

1987 BMW 730i E32 – 156,000 miles – £400 – see the ad

1990 Micra 1.2 GS – 27,264 miles – £500 – see the ad

1990 Volvo 480 1.7 ES – 67,900 miles – £495 – see the ad

1991 Honda Concerto 1.6 EX – 56,000 miles – £499 – see the ad

1991 Vauxhall Carlton Diplomat Limo – 89,000 miles – £200+ – see the ad

1993 Audi 80 2.0 – 96,000 miles – £499 – see the ad

1997 Renault Megane 1.6E RT – 80,000 miles – £390 – see the ad

1998 Saab 9-5 SE – 154,000 miles – £500 – see the ad

Find out more about the The Big BEN Rally on the Car Dealer Magazine website.