Revealed: the DB5’s starring role in Skyfall

In 2000, film director Steven Soderbergh did something that’s reasonably rare at the Academy Awards: he beat himself. Two nominations in the same year, in the same category, for Erin Brockovich and Traffic, with the gong going to his work on the latter.

In 2007, acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins had a chance to do the same. His photographic efforts for The Assassination of Jesse James and No Country for Old Men were both nominated, but neither won (unlucky for him, There Will Be Blood came out in the same year…). However, the more noteworthy fact is that Deakins has been nominated for the same award nine times over a period of 17 years and has still never won the Oscar*.

Perhaps his luck is about to change.

Having worked with Sam Mendes on two previous films, Deakins was signed by the director to shoot Skyfall, which is – aside from his animated work – the only project he’s ever worked on with a budget running into nine figures. Goldfinger and Thunderball are the only Bonds to have won at the Academy Awards, and despite the franchise producing films worthy of seven further nominations, the last one was more than 30 years ago. But with an Oscar-winning director at the helm, and visuals crafted by a cinematographer consistently lauded by his peers, I’m not surprised to see some critics suggesting that it could pick up a prize at the Dolby Theatre in February next year.

So what’s this got to do with a DB5?

Well, if you’ve only seen the Skyfall trailers so far, you need to click the play button below – it’s the best look you’ll get of the Aston Martin in action before seeing the film for yourself. You get a real sense of how the scenes featuring this iconic car will shape up in Deakins’ photography, and it looks truly beautiful.

I’ll leave you with a Ken Gibson pearl of wisdom, speaking about the DB5, “Class ages but never dies”. Enjoy.

* We Brits have long since recognised Roger’s talent, awarding him three BAFTAs in the space of 10 years.