CLASSIFINDS: The world’s cheapest Gullwing

OK. This isn’t a Gullwing. Though the advert says it is. And plenty of contemporary literature does too. But if you ever see a gull flapping its wings like these doors, be worried…

They are – of course – ‘dihedral’ doors (or ‘Butterfly’, if we’re going to insist on animal references). That’s the same system that you’ll find on the 12C, though it’s worth pointing out that the McLaren team ‘engineered out’ the need for a hinge at the top of the door, which in turn got rid of the need for a frame around the windows, which in turn meant that they didn’t have to engineer a different solution for the 12C Spider. That’s UK automotive innovation for you.

Reflecting on the similarities of the door systems, it’s perhaps a small miracle that none of these have yet turned up on eBay converted into shockingly poor 12C replicas. Though that may say more about the relatively scarcity of Seras than it does about a modifier’s desire to imitate Frank Stephenson’s design.

Other things that the Sera isn’t include being a ‘concept car’; with a production run of 16,000 units, you can’t use that phrase unless you’re selling Toyota’s AXV-II. And you won’t be. It was however one of the first cars to have projector headlights, so this 22 year-old car has built-in pub trivia as standard.

The example on offer here appears to be almost completely original, and is even fitted with the rare, factory-fit, 10-speaker ‘Super Live Surround Sound‘ system. Though if you think that speaker count is impressive, consider that the new Range Rover’s ‘Meridian Signature Reference System’ is delivered through 29!

If you’ve got this far and are expecting to see some performance figures then you’re completely missing the point. The asking price is £1,295, which I think is probably worth it for the doors alone.

Tempted? View the original advert, or check out the dedicated owners’ site for more information.