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I simply Kahn’t take it anymore

News of a company’s record-breaking event surfaced not long ago. This ‘record’ allegedly trounced something engineered in Germany, by a group of world experts, at a cost of half a billion dollars. Despite having no proof, the former company’s ‘record’ is now indexed on more than 25,000 web pages around the world. Continue reading

Should replica cars be illegal?

Should replica cars be illegal?

The point of this post is not to start contemplating whether a meticulously handcrafted aluminium ‘250 GTO’ built using original parts on a 250 GTE chassis should be scrapped, nor whether you should be arrested for attaching M-Car ephemera to your 1.8-litre E36 (though that’s arguably another sort of crime…). Continue reading

Getting off on the right foot

As I caught the morning news earlier this week, I saw a feature on some interesting research from Cardiff University. Researchers had analysed RTA data from 2000 to 2007 and had come up with some intriguing (although not entirely original) recommendations to tackle the ongoing problem. The proposals call for “graduated driver licensing” – essentially allowing … Continue reading

The Emperor’s new car?

At some point in the last year, Hans-Gunter Zach – an industrial enterpreneur based in Muhlheim, Germany – decided he wanted to sell his well-known collection of Rolls-Royce motorcars. Not entirely unusual in the collector car world; we’re used to seeing RM or Gooding and Co. advertising a collection for sale. However, it’s fairly obvious … Continue reading