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Six super photographers on Flickr

One of my favourite elements of Flickr is the ‘Favourites’ feature on an individual’s profile. This is not favourite shots from your own portfolio, but a way of collating photos you admire from other users; something to pass on to others as a recommendation, or open up in your spare time as inspiration. Continue reading

The five best sports shooting brakes

The five best sports shooting brakes

OK, this one’s probably going to prove the most controversial. If you’re a Ferrari connoisseur who’s stumbled across this blog, then you’re probably best hitting the ‘Back’ button before we go any further. The rest of you: bear with me. Continue reading

The ABD surveys the battlefield

Last night whilst doing some research into European driving standards and statistics, I came across this simple but informative graphic showing the various maximum speed limits in place across motorways/freeways in European countries. It’s not new information, but it is a reminder of both the divergence across the continent, as well as the difference between the … Continue reading

One Night in Battersea

Aston Martins steal the show It was some four weeks ago that I popped over to Battersea Park for my annual pilgrimage to RM Auctions’ London sale. I say “annual” – 2010 was the company’s fourth year in the capital, but it’s already made quite an impression. For its inaugural London sale in 2007, Rob … Continue reading